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Hey, what's up! My name is Marcos Romero-Turner. I am a proud Hispanic photographer from Portland, OR and this is my story.

Welcome to my photography website. 

I never knew I wanted to be a photographer, yet alone take photos for people and beautiful landscapes, but I am giving it a go and I absolutely love it! Now coming up on a year of pursuing photography, I have been able to do a lot. 


Currently, I am an Act Six Scholar and local entrepreneur studying at Warner Pacific University with a major in Social Entrepreneurship. My goal with this is to utilize my education to make a positive impact in my community.

I am a Portland native that just wants to make an impact in the community! I decided to invest in a camera so I can learn the ins and outs of being on the other side and truly exploring the amazing art that is, photography. With doing so on the side, I have been able to better support myself and fall in love with taking pictures.

Let's create and get you photos that last a lifetime! 

All the best,