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For the people. For the culture. 

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For the people. For the culture. 


Hey there! Welcome to my website. My name is Marcos Romero-Turner. 

I am a professional Hispanic, and faith-driven photographer from Portland, Oregon that prioritizes versatility to create the highest quality imagery in a timely manner. This is my story. 

I was born and raised in SE Portland, Oregon and I never knew my real parents growing up. Due to this, I was adopted by my grandparents at the age of 3. As I got older, I started to feel like everyone was against me so I embraced a mindset to defy the odds. When high school came around, I started to learn more of who I am and what my story is. I am a first generation high school and soon to be college graduate. Making history!  

For photography, I never knew I wanted to be a photographer, yet alone capture memories of people, sports and so much more, but I am giving it my all and I absolutely love it! Started in May 2021 and coming up on two years of pursuing photography, I have been able to accomplish a lot.

My passion is utilizing my photography skills to make a positive impact in my community. For the people, for the culture. 

​Let's create and get you photos that last a lifetime! 

All the best, 


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