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Honoring Mark O. Hatfield

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

For this blog post, I will share about the Oregon Historical Society's new exhibit that opened today in celebration of long time former Senator, Mark O. Hatfield. I will also discuss the opportunity I had to come by and capture photos of the event.

(Mark O. Hatfield 1922-2011)

Introduction (Context)

Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to Kerry Tymchuk (Director of OHS) for giving me the opportunity to come to this special event honoring Mark O. Hatfield. Coming into this event, I did not have a whole lot of information about Senator Hatfield and how much he accomplished in his long career - until after today. From my learnings today, Senator Hatfield made a huge impact on Oregon during his time earning himself a reputation as the most respected and influential politician in Oregon’s history. Former Senator Hatfield was first elected as an Oregon State Representative in the year 1950 at the age of only 28!

Another fun thing I learned after today was that Hatfield never lost an election and would then go on to serve Oregon as a state senator, secretary of state, governor, and a United States senator - what a career!

(Below is a picture of Hatfield's wife, Antoinette being interviewed by Koin 6 anchor, Ken Boddie.)

Reporter, Ken Boddie (left) , Mrs. Hatfield (middle), Senator Betsy Johnson (next to Mrs. Hatfield) & Kerry Tymchuk (right)

On the opening of this new exhibit today, July, 12th, 2021, Senator Hatfield would have reached 99 years old. Unfortunately, he could not be there to make it due to his passing around a decade ago in 2011. So instead, with great pleasure, OHS welcomed his wife, Mrs. Antoinette Hatfield to cut the ribbon, launching the traveling debut of "The Call of Public Service : The Life and Legacy of Mark O. Hatfield exhibit.

Kerry Tymchuk and Mrs. Hatfield

Today's Special Guests

Along with today's celebration, were many great guest appearances showing up to honor, and pay tribute by sharing some words about Hatfield's work and their experiences with him. Today's special appearances included : Governor Kate Brown, State Representative (Soon Congressman) Earl Blumenauer, and Senator Betsy Johnson just to name a few!

More about Mark O. Hatfield (source OHS)

Mark Odom Hatfield was born in Dallas, Oregon, on July 12, 1922. Being an Oregon native, he was also the son of a blacksmith and a schoolteacher. Likewise, Hatfield grew up in Salem, Oregon, and received a couple degrees from Willamette University and Stanford University before joining the U.S. Navy during World War II.

After the World War, Hatfield returned to Willamette University as an administrator and professor of political science. During this all, Hatfield ended up marrying Antoinette Kuzmanich in 1958, and the two would become the parents of four children.

Read more at the Oregon Historical Society's website. (

Mrs. Hatfield sharing a joke with Senator Betsy Johnson


After today, this traveling exhibit is now live! Read more about this at . The Oregon Historical Society is now open once more for visitors and ticket buyers to see other exhibits.

Big thank you once more to Kerry Tymchuk for this opportunity and thank you for those tuning in to this blog. I will catch you in the next one!



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