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Just Say Yes

For this specific blog post, I will share about my experience of accepting my very first gig even though I just was getting started. During this gig for me, I realized sometimes you just have to say yes, find the confidence and make it happen.

Lizbeth's Quinceañera

Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to Nancy Garcia and her family for going out of their way to ask me to do this favor, and be a part of this big day for Lizbeth. A couple weeks prior to this day, Nancy reached out to me with an ask of something I did not expect was coming so soon. Like I commonly preach, be ready to expect the unexpected. Little did I know at the time, I was going to take on my first gig as an official photographer - and just like that, it was the start of more doors beginning to open up.

During this process, I don't think I even surpassed a month getting into this photography venture, and to be completely honest, I was unsure of taking this on but I talked myself into it because this was special. Likewise, I just went with this opportunity anyway because I had to find the confidence that I would deliver and I also took this as a step in the right direction. Finding the confidence in yourself to take on something you may not be so sure about it is major. No doubt, this was a complete honor.

When the day arrived, I was ready to take meaningful photos that would last forever and mark this special day for Lizbeth, and her family. It was an experience for the ages to capture portraits of my first Quinceañera for Lizbeth. I had an absolute blast and I look forward to being a part of more events in the future. So again, thank you Nancy, Lizbeth and your family for trusting me to take pictures and also have a GREAT time. Blessings.

(Below are some of the photos I was able to capture on this beautiful, very hot day.)

Moral of This Experience

The reason of posting this blog post, is to inspire and showcase the fact that when an opportunity comes, take it even if it means you are not "ready". I wanted to put this perspective out there, that even if you are just starting, maybe not as experienced, just say yes and take the opportunity - and that can apply to anything even in our day to day lives. You never know what may come from it moving forward, and eventually if you are a photographer, your first gig will potentially happen if that is the direction you are aiming for.

It is important to find it in your heart that whether it results in a positive outcome or not, you will most definitely learn from it. Do not be afraid to fail because there is no such thing. In my book, failure is winning.

Just say yes, and do what you can to perform your best work. That is all you can do and what people ask for. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I am glad I was able to deliver beautiful photos of a special event. If you are a photographer, or have a passion for taking photos, and you realize that you have a knack, or not, just go for it! I guarantee regardless of the outcome, you will have a good time and get better because with practice, it will help you in the longterm.

Thank you for those tuning in.



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