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Portland Wanderer

Thank you to Dr. Sean Benesh (founder of URTHREK) for meeting with me this morning to do a fun city shoot.

From time to time, I will get a chance to explore hidden parts of Portland that are not as commonly visited. The fun part of this new venture I began, is that it gives me the reason to get out, connect and walk around places I may not have explored before or pay much mind too. Likewise, this is what I love about my city, is that you never know what you will find, encounter or create wandering through certain spots.

Appreciating the little things and understanding architecture is always fun to do. I challenge those to take a second and think beyond the place that you are in, in that specific moment and begin to ask the type of questions like, why this is here and maybe for how long, or why are these buildings built they way they are? It gets interesting the more you think about it and that is what went down for me today.

Things we may take for granted can be overwhelming when we take a minute to focus on whichever it may be. Just by taking a moment to walk around the SE parts of Portland, there are things I have missed before when I would drive down these areas.

There is only one way - and that is to keep moving forward with your head held high.

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