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Taking the Next Step

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Today marks the official date that I decided to truly go and see my real parents along with the rest of my whole family down in a small town called, Tulancingo in Hidalgo, Mexico. For the past year or so, I have been communicating with my mom and dad ; keeping up to date with how they are doing and if it was best for them to try and come up here to the states, or if I should just fly down.

15 year old me (the first time when I shared my story with my community) would not believe it, that I would realistically fly and make it happen.

This morning, I sent in my application for my U.S Passport and now the time has begun to wait for that to come in the mail. Moreover, my tickets are booked and set to go as well for Winter break.

I have been waiting for this moment ever since I turned 18 years old. On my 18th birthday, my dad reached out to me and gave me a call. That was the very first time I ever heard his voice and had a conversation with him. Furthermore, I had no idea what to expect, but I listened to my dad and did my best to understand and showcase forgiveness, which I did.

As for my mom, I have forgiven her as well. It is needed in order to do something this big. It is about time I make things right and jump out of my comfort zone. Between now and the time I depart from Portland, I have been researching and asking a lot of questions to better prepare myself before stepping into a new country.

It is crazy to think this moment is really about to take place, and in all honesty, what better timing to take advantage of. I will be in the middle of my Junior year of college, and I will have an entire month off from classes - it had to be done pero mis abuelos are not getting any younger.

I am extremely grateful for the support I have gotten along my journey of experiencing powerful things. Big thank yous to my mentors, friends, church community, my high school, my university and lastly, my grandparents. Without you all, I would not be where I am today. Everyday I continue to remind myself where I started and look where I am now.

Below is a grid of photos from my camera roll I have held on to for a long time. There are so many amazing people that have definitely made a positive impact in my life that I will never forget, here are some special photos of a few! (Photo credentials : Saman Haaji, Diana Hoff, Sean Benesh, Portland Portraits, Tom DeJardin)


The time has officially come for me to do this! The family is waiting, and for my mom and dad, if you are reading this, I love you and I will see you soon!

"This es de best Father's day gift. Muchas gracias hijo y tambien estoy emocionado por verte pronto." - Dad

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