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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Welcome to my blog!

At first, I never knew I wanted to get into photography, but then I found the inspiration to just go for it. Before truly getting into this art, I always loved being in front of the camera - I enjoyed it, and I still do to this day. However, I never realized how fun it actually is to attempt to capture beautiful photos while learning how to fully utilize a camera to its full potential by being on the other side. That is until one of my professors recommended I should invest in one to start creating my own content to see where it leads. So, with help from a good friend of mine, DJ Biersack (local creator and entrepreneur) and my professor, Sean Benesh (founder of URTHTREK), I finally decided to buy a camera and start creating.

Now entering almost one month into this new chapter of my life, I discovered how much I really love this new hobby and how this could potentially start making a positive impact not only for myself, but more importantly those around me. I aim to create, collaborate and inspire - MRT Photography is here to do so.

I really appreciate those who tag along with me for this journey, and are willing to give me feedback. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns or simply just want to collab.

Let's create!


Below are some of my favorite photos I have shot up to date.

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